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The Human Brain


The human brain is believed to hold approximately 100 billion cells - also known as neurons. Neurons connect with other neurons for information transmission through neuronal migration, a process during brain development that brings different classes of neurons together so that they can interact appropriately. This process is known as synapse. At birth, each neuron in the cerebral cortex has approximately 2,500 sypapses. By the time an infant is two or three years old, the number of synapses reaches 15,000 per neuron. This amount is about twice tha of the average adult brain, as the infant/toddler brain produces synaptic connections at a faster rate that it  60% in the first year, 85% in the following two.


The Importance of Multi-Sensory Integration & Early Stimulation


Following birth, the brain of a newborn is flooded with information from the baby's sense organs.This sensory information must make it back to the brain to be processed. This is the foundation of brain plasticisty- or neuroplasticity- our brain's ability to reorganize neural pathways in the brain.Long lasting functional changes in the brain occur when the child learns new things or memorize new information. 


Early brain stimulation is crucial in the child's development as is the foundation of neuroplasticity and adaptability. The first five years of life provide an important window of opprtunity to adequately stimulate your child's brain in order to maxime their skills in different domains such as visual, auditory, fine and gross motor and inter-relational, among others. 

We are a Multi-Sensory and Early Stimulation studio focusing on Learning, Developing and enhancing your child's cognitive, emotional and physical abilities through early developmental activities, parenting workshops and Individual/Family therapy. 

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